Today’s Sample’s 20/10/2014

Hi everyone,

Here are today’s sample’s and freebie’s I received through the post:

  • Vimto squeezy, I emailed vimto to very kindly ask if I could sample there squeezy bottle’s as I cant seem to find them in supermarket’s and they very kindly sent me a bottle to try which is vimto original so I will be reviewing once I have tried.
  • Fast shampoo and conditioner, I emailed fast and asked could I sample some of there product’s they did not email be back but I received
  • 3 x fast shampoo’s and 3 x fast conditioner’s which was very kind of them and I cant wait to try that.
  • Femfresh wipe’s, these where a freebie from a website which I cant remember i think it may of been on and I think this is still available.
  • QV skin care, I emailed QV and said i suffer with dry and sensitive skin is there anything I could sample to help this and they very kindly sent me 5 different product’s which I will be reviewing when I have used them 🙂
  • Sanctuary spa, I signed up to the sanctuary spa newsletter and I had a email to say if I forward this to 3-5 friend’s I would receive a free sample and they sent me this sample which is very generous and I cant wait to use this 🙂
  • Bodi & Birch, I emailed Bodi & Birch as I have tried a few of their product’s and I think there are fab they make my skin really soft and healthy, I asked if they had any sample’s available for me to review and they emailed me to say could they have a link to my blog and I sent them the link and they asked if I would review these product’s so I will be reviewing these when I try them 🙂

This is all I have had today but will be uploading and doing review’s very soon thank you for reading 🙂



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