Sample’s & Coupon’s 23/10/2014

Hi everyone,

Here are my sample’s and coupon’s I received on Friday 23rd October 2014 🙂

  1. I kindly emailed ‘Drink Me Chai’ and asked if I could try some of there product’s and review them on my blog and they kindly sent out 4 x Chai Latte spiced tea’s each sachet contain’s an aromatic blend of tea milk and spice’s, not sure whether I would like these with them having a spice but I will give them a try and review them.
  2. I kindly emailed Ecover and asked if I could try some of there product’s and also review them, they said they don’t have any sample’s but they have sent me some coupons which was very kind of them they sent me 2 x £1 off so I will be reviewing these when I have used my coupon’s followed by a photo of what I choose.
  3. I emailed Oatly! and kindly asked if I could review some of there product’s, they didn’t email me back but I did receive these coupons which was 5 x £1.50 off voucher’s!! I was very happy with these and they was very generous, I cant wait to try some of their product’s and will upload a full review when I spend my coupon’s followed by photo’s.
  4. I received this free sample tube of Bepanthen cream cant remember where this was actually from but I think it was a freebie website.

Thank you for reading 🙂



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