Bob Martin Review: 13/11/2014

Hi everyone,

I recently emailed Bob Martin and asked if I could review and try my fish with some of their product’s I had a extremely fast response from this company, and the person I spoke to was very kind and helpful a few day’s later I received my sample’s to review via a courier and they were very well packaged.

When I opened this parcel I was very surprised with what I was sent it included:

  1. A big tub of Floating stick’s
  2. Goldfish flake’s
  3. Tapwater safe

I have recently tried my outside cold water fish with the floating stick’s and these went down a treat! I sprinkled a few stick’s in my pond and they was gone within 5 minutes! each of my fish where fighting with these stick’s and since trying them with this particular product they have been eating a lot more, I have not yet tried the goldfish flake’s or tap water safe but I will be doing in the upcoming week’s so I will do a full review on those.

Overall I am very happy with the customer service I received, the very generous amount of sample’s and also the time it took from emailing to receiving these was excellent and was a matter of days! I will be buying more of these floating stick’s and would recommend anyone who has fish to buy Bob Martin’s product’s as they are excellent value for money and the quality of these are fab! I have seen these in many supermarket’s and shop’s so I will be keeping a look out on my next shop for more yummy treats! 🙂

You can find more information about bob martin here:

Links to Bob Martin’s website is as follows:

Facebook Page:

Twitter Page:


Thank you for reading.


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