Upbeat Protein Drink Review

I kindly emailed upbeat and asked if I could try some of there product’s and they very kindly sent me 2 x coupon’s for 2 free bottle’s and 17 x 50p off coupon’s along with a upbeat chart full of lot’s of useful and interesting information and also a little USB with upbeat’s logo on followed by a lovely post card, the lady I emailed was very helpful and also very kind and I was told I would receive some voucher’s though the post but I was shocked to find the generous amount I was sent.


Today I tried the Upbeat strawberry protein dairy drink the good thing about these they are made with real fruit juice and also they are a delicious drink packed full of protein and nutrition!


I had my Upbeat drink for my breakfast due to being ill and not feeling 100% I thought it would be great to try this drink, and I was correct after around 30 minute’s I perked up and was feeling my usual bubbly self this was my first time trying these and I must say the strawberry drink is delicious I really enjoyed trying this and felt great afterwards the strawberry was a lovely smooth taste and overall the drink was very refreshing.


These drink’s are made with lot’s of healthy nutrition’s and great for people who are active a lot I cant recommend this company they are great with great product’s these drink’s are available in a strawberry, blueberry & raspberry and mango & passion fruit, they can be found in Tesco, WHSmith, Booths, Ocado, The co-operative food and Holland & Barrett. They retail at around £1.75 and are excellent value for money I will certainly be buying more of these. 🙂

You can find more information about Upbeat drink’s here:

Website: http://www.feelingupbeat.com/pages/Find-Upbeat

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/feelingupbeat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/feelingupbeat

Youtube video’s with review’s and information about product’s: https://www.youtube.com/user/UpbeatDrinks/



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