Beanie’s Chocolate Orange Coffee Review.

Hi Everyone,

I recently emailed Beanie’s coffee as I was recommended by a friend to try, they have a delicious range and I was spoilt for choice on which to buy first so I kindly asked if they had any sample’s available.

I had a fast response within a hour from a kind representative who said he would send me some sample’s and a jar of the chocolate orange coffee I was surprised at how much was sent and my and my family are enjoying some delicious coffee!

I was sent

– 1 Full Size Chocolate Orange Jar Of Coffee

– 8 sample sachet’s of hazelnut instant coffee

– 8 sample sachet’s of Irish cream instant coffee


I have been trying and enjoying the chocolate orange as this was the 1 that stood out to me on there website, this coffee is very easy to make and is made like normal coffee, I just added a teaspoon of the coffee, hot water & milk it is advised that there is no sugar needed as this is sweet enough.


The delicious smell filled around the room as I was making this my mouth was watering! my whole family passed comment on how lush it smelt, The taste also beat the smell as was divine! who couldn’t like chocolate orange & coffee this is a great combination! It was so quick to make and I have been enjoying this for the last 2 day’s I thought this was going to be sickly with it being chocolate orange and coffee but the combined flavour’s went together really well.


Other instant coffee flavour’s available are:

– Amaretto Almond

– Chocolate Orange

– Christmas Pudding

– Cinder Toffee

– Cinnamon & Hazelnut

– Double Chocolate

– Gingerbread

– Irish Cream

– Mulled Spice

– Nutty Hazelnut

– Very Vanilla

– Winter Warmer

And they also have a decaf range:

– Decaf Amaretto Almond

– Decaf Chocolate Orange

– Decaf Irish Cream

All these flavour’s sound delicious and they are available in Tesco store’s, each jar of instant coffee ranges from £2.50 – £2.75 which I think is very reasonable for such a delicious product! I would highly recommend to anyone and will defiantly be buying more in the future.

I am going to try the Irish cream coffee as this one too seem’s to look delicious! unfortunately I don’t like hazelnut so I wont be trying that one but my family will enjoy it so I will be reviewing the other 2 flavour’s when we next want a tasty brew! 😉

To see more flavour’s or for any more information on this company or coffee the website link is:

Thank you for reading and would love to hear more review’s! 🙂


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