Swizzel’s Sweet’s Review :)

Hi everyone,

For the last few day’s I have been enjoying and reviewing my favorite sweet’s! I emailed Swizzel’s to give them a little feedback on there product’s after all the hard work company’s do it is always nice to hear a little feedback to let them no how well they are doing! 🙂

I had a response within 24 hour’s with a lovely email saying thank you for the feedback, so I asked if it was possible to review any of their product’s on my blog I had a parcel within 2-3 day’s and was shocked when I opened it my face lit up like Christmas morning when being a child my favorite company had sent me a delicious and very generous range of their product’s this included:

  • 1 Chew Crew Bag
  • 1 Bumper Bag
  • 1 Lot’s of lollies bag
  • 1 bag of refresher’s squashies
  • 1 bag of drumstick squashies
  • 1 bag of double lollies squashies
  • 1 bag of love heart squashies

I was very grateful for the amount I received and also the customer service, speedy delivery was fab! this certainly give’s more a lot of confidence from buying of their website. I love this company as I feel they have a brilliant range of product’s and there defiantly is something for everyone’s taste! I have been a big fan for many year’s now since being a child in fact and have never ever got bored of there range it is also great how they always invent new product’s this certainly draw’s me to buying more. 🙂

Firstly the Swizzel’s variety bag’s of sweet’s are fab for anyone who like’s all of there range they are also great for sharing and the generous mix of sweet’s in each bag. my favorite bag has to be the bumper bag I love the selection of the sweet’s in this bag and as I love the swizzels retro range this bag is ideal for me, my favorite sweet is the parma violet’s 😉 the lot’s of lollies bag has a good selection of lolly’s and also includes a new flavor and I can say they taste as great as ever!


I also love the squashies range this company has been very creative with flavor’s and turned my favorite old school sweet’s into a fab new range! these all taste amazing and are just as great as the original sweet’s if not better, I love the blend of flavor’s and also how they keep adding to this range they also have 2 other flavor’s available in Tesco, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s with are the drumstick bubblegum flavor squashies and the sour cherry & apple flavor, I have tried the bubble gum flavor and they are bursting with flavor! I could not possibly write a good enough review for this company as I can not put into word’s how much I love and enjoy their product’s I have been a fan for year’s and will certainly be buying more in the future.


I would highly recommend this company to anyone who enjoy’s sweet’s or is like me and simply has a sweet tooth 😉 I would rather have a box of sweet’s than a box of chocolate and there is no better toffee than Swizzel’s for more information on their product’s or for more of their range you can see this on their website which I will link below along with other page’s it has been great being able to review my favorite company and has been a excellent few days 😉

Website: http://www.swizzels-matlow.com/index.php

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwizzelsMatlow

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwizzelsMatlow

Does anybody else have any review’s to share I would love to hear them!

Thank you for reading



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