Nakd Bar’s Review :)

Hi Everyone,

This week I have been trying and reviewing the lovely Nakd bar’s, the good thing about these bar’s they are healthy and gluten free I just think these are delicious! I love the whole range of flavor’s and I have enjoyed reviewing the flavor’s I was sent.


I kindly emailed Nakd and asked if I could try and review there product’s I have heard such high praise about there company and I was eager to try we only have a small range of the flavor’s available in my local supermarket (Tesco) so I was delighted when I received these flavor’s as they are not available in my supermarket.

I was sent 5 delicious bar’s as you can see in the picture each bar is a handy size so they can easily fit in your pocket’s, bag’s, lunch boxes’s etc I was sent:

  • 2 Bake-well tart bar’s
  • 1 Caffe Mocha bar
  • 1 Rhubarb & Custard bar
  • 1 Berry delight bar

Caffe Mocha Bar

The Caffe Mocha bar is delicious! as you can see this bar is gluten, wheat and dairy free but this is just as delicious as any other snack if not nicer! I loved this bar when biting into it I was shocked at how delicious and how yummy the flavor’s blended together I had a nice taste of rich coffee mixed with a chocolaty flavor this bar would go perfect with a cup of coffee! I was expecting this bar to be a little sickly but there was a lovely burst of flavor’s and I certainly have never tasted anything to delicious in my life! I will certainly be purchasing this flavor in the future.

(From their website)

The beauty of this gorgeously chocolaty cereal bar is that it’s made with deliciously simple, natural ingredients: just raw fruits and nuts. We haven’t added any of the extras that sometimes get sneaked into other bars on the market, in fact we always use as few ingredients as possible when making our snacks. That way you get all of the goodness and none of the stuff your body doesn’t need. Caffé Mocha is so wholesome that it also counts as one of your 5 a day too!

I would highly recommend this bar to anybody who enjoys coffee, chocolate, fruit & nut’s the burst of flavor’s and the aroma from opening the packet was certainly enough for me 😉

Berry Delight Bar


The berry delight bar again is gluten, wheat and dairy free I absolutely loved this bar from opening it and finishing it the aroma that burst’s out of the pack whilst opening this was a sweet berry & raspberry smell and again the taste was just as lovely! I love again how the flavor’s are well thought about and how well the company has thought about this bar it is packed full of healthy and goodness and this bar is 1 of your 5 a day!

(From the website) 

As its name suggests, Berry Delight is delightfully angelic and contains no additives or processed ingredients. Its tantalising combination of fruits and nuts will keep tummies satisfied and deliver all sorts of lovely nutrients, straight from the hands of Mother Nature herself. Where other bars are baked, Berry delight bars are kept fresh and moist, and contain none of the sugary syrups added to most of the other cereal bars you’ll find on the supermarket shelves.

I will certainly be buying more of these bar’s in the future and would highly recommend to anybody who like’s berry’s / raspberries you will not be disappointed 😉

Bakewell Tart Bar


I then tried the bake-well tart flavor as you can see from the picture this was the first one I opened I am a huge fan of bake-well tart’s so this one caught my eye the most and I must say this is my favorite from them all that I have tried! again I was not expecting this to be as yummy it taste’s just like a bake well tart expect this is in a full bar and mess free 😉 this is a desert alternative bar and is 1 of your 5 a day which mean’s you can still enjoy those tasty snack’s and desert’s but they are a lot healthier and are packed full of high quality ingredient’s again this bar is gluten, wheat and dairy free.

(From the website)

You might think that this bar can’t possibly taste this good without some kind of added sugar or artificial flavourings.  Well, think again!  It tastes so good because it’s all-natural and doesn’t contain a single atom of anything that didn’t come straight from mother earth.  So what’s in the bar exactly?  Three ingredients.  THREE!  Dates, cashews and raisins topped off with a pinch of natural flavouring.

I will certainly be buying more of these bar’s and will be stocking up on this particular flavor this was also my Mum’s favorite too so this is a perfect reason to order a box full 😉

Rhubarb & Custard Bar


Unfortunately for this bar I could not try this as I am not keen on rhubarb so I gave this one to my Dad for him to try and review, this bar lastest a matter of second’s! he really did enjoy it the rich flavor of rhubarb and then a delicious flavor of custard this was a perfect blend and he could not put into word’s how yummy this product was he was in fact asking for more 😉 this bar is rated the British pud classic on the Nakd website and I can certainly see why after hearing my dad’s review’s it is safe to say he enjoyed it and he will be buying more.

(From the website)

Rhubarb & Custard doesn’t contain anything naughty, and has none of the sugary syrups of other cereal bars. Happily all that we’ve put into this super cereal bar is raw fruits and nuts, with a pinch of natural flavourings – simple and satisfying to the taste buds! Pop one of these lovelies into your lunchbox and you’ll also be eating one of your 5 a day – nourishing your body with the goodness it needs.

Overall I am really happy with the whole of this review from emailing the company and kindly asking i received a very fast response to say they would pop some sample’s in the post and they was hear the next working day which I think is great and give’s me more confidence to order direct from the website. The company has really impressed me on how creative they have become with choosing flavor’s to make these delicious bar’s if I closed my eye’s to eat these bar’s I would not be able to tell the difference these really are a delicious tasty treat!

I also like how the bar’s as not to big so they can fit in your pocket’s, bag’s lunchboxes etc they are also great to take to work my Mum has started to take a bar to work each morning and she has noticed a difference in how healthy she is feeling.

Nakd have a range of bar’s available in a lovely range of flavor’s a few more of the bar’s they currently stock on their website are:

  • Mixed boxes
  • Nakd Bar’s
  • Nakd protein crunch bar’s
  • Nakd oatie bar’s
  • Nakd infused raisins
  • Nakd Bits
  • TREK protein bar’s
  • TREK protein flapjack’s

They do also have a wide range of flavor’s available so there is certainly something for everybody’s taste! overall I have enjoyed every minute of trying and reviewing these bar’s I have loved all 4 of the flavor’s and can not fault these in any way I can not possibly put into word’s how great these product’s are this company really do deserve a medal! 😉

You can find these bar’s in Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett, Morrison’s, Asda, Ocado, Boot’s, WHSmith and the co-operative so their is a wide range of shop’s so choose from. I have found these in my Tesco store’s and they are available in single bar’s for around 50-75p which is very reasonable and is great value for such a yummy product they do also have boxes available in supermarket’s which rrp around £2.49- £2.75 for a 4 x pack which again is very reasonable for such a high quality bar I would recommend anybody to order direct from the Nakd website they have free standard delivery available and I feel they have more of a range and choice available.

To find out more information about Nakd or about their product’s you can visit their website’s on the link’s below:




Thank you for reading everybody! does anybody else have any favorite’s or feedback on Nakd product’s? i would love to hear them 🙂