Sponge Cake’s Review

Hi everyone,

Before i start i would just like to apologise as i haven’t made a blog post for a few month’s due to being ill but now that i am better i will be reviewing more product’s again.

Today i am going to review ‘Sponge’ cake i recently received an Easter sponge that i very luckily won in a competition i was over the moon when i received the email to say ‘Congratulations’ i had to re-read the email at least 10 time’s before the news finally sunk in.

I was so excited to receive my Easter sponge cake as i have always wanted to try this companies cakes i was thinking it was impossible to post a cake out for it to arrive in one piece but when i finally received my sponge i was shocked it was perfect and so big! i could not wait to cut this and share with my family even though it was too nice to cut.


I received a 10” sponge which was a chocolate sponge with white chocolate buttercream topped with flakes of chocolate and mini eggs there was a very generous amount of toppings and the sponge was huge! i was expecting the sponge to be very dry but the cake was absolutely delicious as the chocolate buttercream in the center of the cake was a generous amount it kept the sponge moist and for anyone who likes chocolate as much as me this was heaven!


I finally cut my gorgeous cake into pieces on Easter day as this was an Easter sponge it was perfect as we had family round and i could show off my cake. The whole 10” cake is supposed to serve 8 people but i think it could serve easily 10+ i only cut small piece’s but this was just enough after sharing my sponge with myself and 3 other family members i still had nearly 3/4 left i was shocked! This cake was the nicest i have ever tasted and i was so lucky to win.

Sponge cake company first established in 2000 in a cafe and then in 2009 they took Sponge out of the comfort of their Byfords home & created a new look under the company named SPONGE. All cakes are made from scratch (when i say scratch i mean no packet sponge mixes all proper ingredient’s) and their sponge is lovely i would highly recommend. Also the thing i love about this company is their website is packed full of yummy treats not only can you order a sponge you can also add extras like a card, alcohol, candles, cake toppers and more yummy treats this is great for friends and family who do not live near or if somebody is on the other side of the world for a special occasion you can simply order a sponge and put a smile on someone’s face.

Sponge have a wide range of cakes available including their new Angel Cake (which i will be trying) Apple Crumble, Bakewell, Chocolate & Orange, Coffee, Rocky Road, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Caramel & Peanut or they also have a normal Victoria sponge available which i have heard is absolutely yummy! If that is not enough you can also create your own sharing sponge!!! Wow :) if you have a fussy family and would like 1 cake but different slices and different flavors then this company is where you should be heading you can choose a cake you like and decorate it however you like and i have great faith in saying you would not be disappointed.

Overall, i am really happy with my competition win and is defiantly my favorite prize this year, i am so glad i won as this has now convinced me to start buying more i am currently counting down my next special occasion or upcoming event just to order or i could be a little greedy and order for myself ;) after all my birthday is June. Sponge’s cakes are available in a 7” sponge or a 10” sponge or you can also order miniature sponges which are ideal for weddings, baby showers and birthday parties.

7” sponge cakes start from £12.50 or 10” sponge cakes start from £19.99 which to me is extremely reasonable as not only are you getting a delicious cake you can choose exactly how you want it to look and add that extra special touch. Gluten free cakes are also available on their website and they have a range to choose from for no extra cost! i love how creative this company is and how well they have created their website it has every little last detail and bit of information you need and if that is not enough and you do have any problems it is so easy to contact them and you will receive a fast response via email like myself i spoke to a lovely lady and she was very helpful.

I could not recommend this company enough this has by far been my best product to review this year i could continue to write all day, i will without a doubt be ordering soon and can’t wait to try the new angel sponge what has recently been voted favorite sponge to bring back! :)

For more information about sponge cakes you can visit the websites below,

Website: https://www.sponge.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpongeCakesLtd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpongeCakesLtd

Instagram: https://instagram.com/spongecakesltd/

Thank you so much for reading everyone if anybody has any question’s please feel free to ask i will try to answer them the best i can, i would also highly recommend to follow each of the website’s above for latest new’s and competition’s etc.