Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drink Review’s:

Hello everyone,

Today i am going to be reviewing 2 new product’s i have been very kindly sent to try and review.

I have never heard of Scheckter’s energy drink’s before so when a friend recommended for me to try them i headed straight to there website i must say there site is fab lot’s of information about product’s and what they are for etc.

One thing i like most is looking on website’s to find out how company’s where established in this case Scheckter’s was created in 2010 by a racing driver ( Toby Scheckter’s) and son of formula 1 (Jody Scheckter’s) and this company where the first to make a organic, vegetarian and Fairtrade certified energy drink.


When i received my parcel i was really excited to open it as i new exactly which company it was from with a nice logo on the box, the 2 can’s where protected very well in bubble wrap with some fun sticker’s and a little but lovely message from the company i was also sent a card with Scheckter’s information on e.g email address, telephone number etc along with a information leaflet about the product’s and also where i can purchase them from which i thought was lovely as i always like reading information about company’s.


Organic original energy drink review: 

Firstly i will be talking about the original sparkling energy fruit flavor drink, I love the can’s they have a really lovely texture to them they are not just a simple energy drink can they have been very well thought about and the useful information is all on the can’s followed by a list of ingredient’s and lovely bold letter’s on the front of the can’s to make them stand out if i seen these in my local supermarket i would certainly pick one up.

I do love my energy drink’s but recently i have been unable to drink them due to the lack of sugar i use to like Monster drink’s but since reading about the sugar’s and what is actually included in the drink i just seemed to stop buying them. Now that i have found a company that i like who have created a perfect refreshing drink which is healthy and organic.


I had my can first thing yesterday morning as i was having a tired day but after drinking the energy drink it certainly gave me the boost i needed to start my day. This is a lovely refreshing drink but is so much healthier than any other energy drink’s for the people who buy drink’s like these you will no how much sugar is in a normal one e.g. red bull, monster’s have around 36g of sugar but these can’s have no more than 7-8g which i was very surprised about as they are lovely and you can tell they are organic and natural ingredient’s. The Organic energy drink’s also include 80mg of caffeine which is equivalent to a cup of expresso coffee why i decided to drink mine in the morning as coffee keep’s me awake.


Overall i was really happy with trying the original can as this was the first time i have tried these drink’s the only thing i regret it not being made aware of this company sooner. I have enjoyed trying both as the flavor’s go great together they are refreshing so great for summer to for anybody who like’s organic product’s like myself you will definitely not be disappointed by trying the original can and i was really hoping for my ‘lite’ can to be just as nice i was worrying a little as i was not expecting it to be as nice but none of these product’s failed to disappoint.

Organic lite energy drink: 

Last of all i am going to be sharing my review’s about the lite energy can which i tried this morning, again i wanted to have in the morning as this can also includes 80mg of caffeine the lite is available in a fruit drink also which is lovely i put this 1 in the fridge to enjoy cold and it was so much nicer the blend of fruit’s are all noticeable the taste is a mix of lemon juice, pomegranate juice and elderberry juice so if you are a fan of these flavor’s i would highly recommend to try these! Scheckter’s have really pulled of a delicious drink and has certainly considered me to start buying more my dad also take’s 2 to work every night as he work’s night’s and i did let him try a bit of 1 my original can an he loved it just as much he is now thinking of changing energy drink’s and taking 2 of these which is great.


Overall i am really happy with this can too both drink’s have a enjoying taste they are a little different to other brand’s as they are organic and natural but they make you feel so active. I had my niece for the weekend and after feeling tired for the past few day’s i was dreading it because i knew i was going to be tired when she was here but these drink’s have give me the boost i needed to stay active and on the go i have just ordered more from Amazon! 🙂

A little information from Scheckter’s website: 

Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy drink was initially launched in the United Kingdom and is now also available in the USA, South Africa, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Finland and Russia (with more countries to come!)

The flavour of Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy comes from a mix of organic Sicilian lemon juice,
Eastern Mediterranean organic pomegranate juice and organic elderberry juice from Central Europe.

The organic lemon juice also acts as a natural preservative but because this makes the drink a bit tart we add a little raw cane sugar (in Scheckter’s Original)
or agave nectar (in Scheckter’s LITE) to create a pleasant taste.

To provide you a sustained energy boost without the crash we use our OrganicEnergy blend of raw green coffee beans,
Brazilian guarana, green tea and ginseng.

Every can of Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy contains the perfect combination of organic and natural ingredients to provide you a sustained energy boost.


Morning: A kick start to your morning.

Afternoon: A refreshing drink to get you through the dreaded afternoon slump.

Workout: A great companion to provide an extra boost of energy before or after exercise.

Evening: A tasty mixer for an evening drink.

Organic energy drink’s are available in most store’s e.g. Asda, Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Planet Organic, Tesco, Waitrose, Whole Food’s Market and many more! also available in the UK, USA, SA & other countries. Both can’s retail around £1.28-£1.35 which to me is great value for money it is worth every penny for such a creative product this company have also earned lot’s of award’s for being the first company to create a organic, vegetarian and Fairtrade if you would like to find out more information about this company you can by clicking here or if you would like to make a purchase you can pick your favorite retailer here.


Thank you for reading everyone i hope you all enjoyed my review as much as i enjoyed trying them and also working with this company.

If anybody has any question’s or would like to ask me anything please feel free i will be more than happy to answer all question’s best i can. Has anybody else ever tried these drink’s or would recommend any other’s?
Would love to hear more review’s and feedback! 🙂

I will post link’s to Scheckter’s website and social media site’s below and as always would advise people to follow social media page’s and visit there website for the latest new’s, new product’s, information or future competition’s.






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