Tunnock’s Biscuit’s Review:

Hello everyone,

Today i am going to be reviewing some gorgeous biscuit’s i very kindly had sent to try and review on my blog, I have been a big fan of milk chocolate caramel wafer’s for many year’s now so i very kindly emailed Tunnock’s in the kindest possible way and asked if it would be possible for a sample to review on my blog.

I was very kindly sent a box of goodie’s a few month’s back now but i have been really ill hence why i have not been posting on my blog much, but i am fully better now so hopefully i can continue my blogging obsession. Tunnock’s is one of my favorite biscuit companies so as soon as i received my parcel my face lit up i was sent out 2 more packet’s of biscuit’s to review on my blog which are a 8 pack of caramel log biscuit’s and a 8 pack of dark chocolate wafer biscuit’s.


Firstly i am going to be reviewing the dark chocolate caramel wafer biscuit’s, the milk chocolate wafer’s are my favorite so i was diving straight into the pack of dark chocolate as this was something new for me to try. I am always honest in my review’s and i absolutely HATE dark chocolate! but these biscuit’s where yummy, i always love the 5 layer’s of wafer biscuit’s they are a lovely crunchy texture and the dark chocolate is not over powering. The blend of chocolate, caramel and wafer go really well together and this is a biscuit i could enjoy every day each biscuit has 5 layer’s of wafer, 4 layer’s of caramel and if fully coated in real dark chocolate.


This was the first time i have tried the dark chocolate wafer’s and i have to say i really enjoyed them i would certainly buy them if i come across them in the supermarket, I also like the packaging i always think you can tell a lot about a company just by packaging if they are willing to put time and effort into making a product not only taste delicious but also look eye catching and really stand’s out.


Each biscuit is individually wrapped in a lovely shiny metallic blue and gold paper so this keep’s the biscuit nice and fresh as you can see on the picture the biscuit has a very generous amount of chocolate coating and anybody who love’s chocolate / dark chocolate i would urge you to try if you haven’t in the past.


Overall i was really happy with this biscuit Tunnock’s did not fail to disappoint and this must be the only dark chocolate product that i like and would purchase again after trying.

Last off all i will be reviewing the second product i was very kindly sent to try and review this again was the first time i have tried the caramel log biscuit’s i am not a big fan of coconut either but after sharing with my family they was gone in a matter of hour’s! my dad is a big fan of coconut chocolate and biscuit’s so he was really pleased with the way Tunnock’s presented all of his favorite ingredient’s into one tasty bar.


The caramel log biscuit’s are a wafer and caramel biscuit fully covered in chocolate and sprinkled with roasted coconut again these are a tasty biscuit with lot’s of layer’s of wafer and caramel. If you are a fan of coconut’s i would highly recommend for you to try these biscuit’s.

TunnocksCaramelLog (7)

Unfortunately these biscuit’s got eaten so fast i could not take a picture of the actual biscuit so i have had to copy one from google ( i do apologise ) but when i buy more in the future i will take picture’s and edit my review. As you can see from the picture there is a generous amount of roasted coconut covering the biscuit some of you may think it would just taste like a coconut wafer but i could taste all ingredient’s (the caramel, chocolate and coconut)

tunnocks caramel log wafer bar

Overall i have really enjoyed working with Tunnock’s trying and reviewing product’s i have not yet tried before but i will now be buying in the future my favorite out of them both would have to be the dark chocolate caramel wafer biscuit’s but my dad is a big fan now of the caramel log biscuit’s.

A little information from Tunnock’s website:

How do you create ever-popular biscuit products? Well, start with excellent ingredients. Add layers of ownership by the same, caring family. Then cover with a generous sprinkling of attention to detail and personal service.

This winning formula was initiated by Thomas Tunnock in 1890, after he paid £80 for a shop in Uddingston. Under the guidance of Thomas (and later his son, Archie), Tunnock’s operated only as bakers and purveyors of quality flour confectionery until the 1950s. This decade saw the emergence of four original speciality items: Caramel Wafers, Snowballs, Caramel Logs and Teacakes. Consequently, business boomed and factory extensions followed, the latest as recent as 2002.

The innovative management has always remained true to the original principles and is close to the local community. Indeed, it is funny how the more things change at Tunnock’s, the more they stay the same.

I will be buying more Tunnock’s product’s and will be reviewing them on my blog soon, i also have some other new and exciting product’s i will be reviewing in the upcoming week’s and really hope you all enjoy reading my review’s.

I will as always link website and link’s below i would as always advise for you to follow social media page’s to stay up to date with latest competition’s, new’s, new product’s and information etc.

Website: http://www.tunnock.co.uk/

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/tunnocks_time/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TunnockMerchandise?fref=ts

Tunnock’s have a mouth watering range of tasty biscuit’s for all the family to enjoy including:

  • Milk chocolate caramel wafer’s
  • Dark chocolate caramel wafer’s
  • Milk chocolate tea cake’s
  • Dark chocolate tea cake’s
  • Caramel log
  • Chocolate wafer cream
  • Chocolate snowball’s

All Tunnock’s product’s are available in a large amount of store’s e.g. Pound store’s, Tesco, Morrison’s, Amazon, Tunnock’s website etc and product’s can retail from as little as £1 which is a very reasonable price for a yummy mouth watering biscuit / treat.



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