E – Liquid O+ Plus Review:

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Hello everyone,

Today i am going to be writing a review on a completely different product that i have never reviewed before! firstly i will explain what this is all about and get straight into my review.

So in July – August 2015 i decided to give smoking up lots of people say it is hard how did you do it etc, to me this was so easy i did use a normal pen e cigarette which i think you can get for around £10-£15 and i never touched a cigarette since. Recently after i give up i was introduced to vaping by my Brother who has the Aspire Atlantis Sub with the iSub G Tank. I went out to purchase the Aspire kit as i liked the liquids a lot better and since then i have been vaping ever since.

Before Christmas i kindly emailed Debangstick who are a…

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