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Mini Chou Chou Foxes Dolls by Zapf Creation Review:

Hello everyone,

It’s been a few week’s since my last post so first of all i do apologise,

Today i am going to be reviewing the Mini Chou Chou Foxes doll’s by Zapf Creation these product’s are new so when i was asked if i would like to review one for my little girl i jumped at the chance.


My little girl has always loved playing with doll’s from being 2+ year’s old she is now turning 5 in October but i do not think any girl will ever stop playing with dolls especially when there is new product’s coming out every year.

L was delighted when i received the mini chou chou fox doll to review and burst the packaging open with excitement we were greeted by the lovely Judy doll. Each doll has a name and unique characteristics and they also come with a unique facial expression. Judy maintains a watchful eye and notices if something doesn’t seem quite right and will inform the other inhabitants within the magic forest.


The Chou Chou’s also come with a magical pet friend our friend was a little purple fox, Judy’s little fox friend is always by her side and helps her to convey her unique character trait to the children.

These product’s are great collectibles and L has already asked if she can have more from Christmas and her birthday, there is hour’s of fun with these they are mini but it would be easy to take out without worrying about carrying them or where to put them they would easily fit in a handbag.


The mini Chou Chou’s live in a magical forest covered in beautiful oak trees. When the clock strikes 10pm the mini Chou Chou’s take you on a journey to their fairy tale world. The arm’s and leg’s on the doll’s move and they also have removable hat’s and outfit’s not that L want’s to change anything about Judy she look’s pretty just the way she is (L’s words)

The mini doll’s are around 12cm in height and are suitable for age’s 3+ and they retail from £5.33 – £7.99 which is a very reasonable price and would be worth every penny when you have the full collection. There are 20 mini Chou Chou fox doll’s to collect and they are all different with a range of magical friend’s you can also buy extra’s for these doll”s e.g. the Cuckoo clock house, bed set’s with exclusive doll Emely, playground set’s with exclusive doll Susy and the tree house with exclusive Livy doll.


I think all of the mini Chou Chou’s have lovely name’s the other names are: Elly, Vicky, Sunny, Christy, Holly, Ruby, Flory, Jacky, Lilly, Candy, Amy, Lucy, Anny, Kathy, Kimy, Josy, Judy, Gracy, Lucky and Beauty if i had to choose my favourite it would simply be impossible as they are all beautiful and look so life like i wish we had product’s like these when i was a child!

Overall myself and L were very happy with the foxes doll and the only regret i have is not knowing about them sooner hopefully with L’s birthday approaching and Christmas i could put them on the list for Santa and also have some of the bigger feature’s for L and her dolly’s to play with.

As always i will link all information and website’s below and would recommend for you to follow on social media platform’s to keep up to date with new product launches, new’s information and competition, thank you for reading my review i hope you all enjoyed reading as much as me and L enjoyed trying and reviewing the new Chou Chou fox doll.

Zapf website:



Mini Chou Chou website:

Thank’s again for reading! has any of my other lovely follower’s purchased the fox doll’s or do your children have a Zapf creation favourite product i would love to hear more feedback!

** I was sent the above product in return for a honest review all opinions are my own **