Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Perfume

Miss Dior blooming bouquet perfume: 

I did forget to take a picture of this one as i never got round to it there is no picture’s to follow so i do apologise however..

I filled a form out for a free sample (https://www.magicfreebiesuk.co.uk/) and i received this free in the post 2-3 day’s ago.

I find this fragrance is really nice and smell’s lush, The smell is really sweet and leave’s your clothe’s smelling lovely for hour’s so this is ideal if you go out for the day as the smell wont fade quickly which is good,

This product came in a small white spray bottle which is really handy as most company’s send sample’s in packet’s which is hard to reseal if you don’t use it all.

I had lot’s of compliment’s on how nice this perfume was how ever this is not my favourite so i will not defiantly be buying a full size’d and priced bottle.

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